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My name is Paul David & I have lived in the Redding area for the last 25+ years. I started DJ’ing as a way of staying connected with my passion for music & found that it also provided me with a way of developing what I was learning in business school by developing and starting a business of my own from the ground up. Stay Gold Productions is the result of a passion for music & a passion for business & I hope that it shows by not only how I conduct & run my business, but also through your experience in working with me & how much your guests enjoy your music at your wedding or event!

I also run a Digital Marketing Agency called SocialxBusiness & I am the founder & producer of the Redding Bridal Show & NorCal Weddings • I have a passion for seeing our local wedding & event industry grow into it's full potential while cultivating the success of local small businesses & this also helps me stay busy Monday-Friday when I am not DJ'ing Weddings! 

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“Stay Gold” - In the novel The Outsiders, the character Ponyboy reads the famous Robert Frost Poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” to the character Johnny & later in the novel before passing away Johnny tells Ponyboy to “Stay Gold”. In essence he was telling Ponyboy to stay pure or stay true to himself.